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Steen Family Crest
by E. Warren Steen

The Ancient Steen Family Crest which was in use before 1650 AD in Northern Ireland was flown as a flag above homes of Steen family members.

On a scroll beneath the figure is the motto, Ad Diem Tendo, literally translated as Today I arise or in today's vernacular, Go take on the day! The color is described as Presbyterian true blue, which symbolizes fidelity. The figure represents the fabled Phoenix bird rising from its own ashes, with extended wings, ready to fly away - an emblem of faith in God and hope of immortality.

The research conducted by Dr. Moses Steen found Steen families in Scotland, England, Canada and the United States using this crest on writing paper and visiting cards. Dr. Steen found several other styles of the Steen family crest in use in other countries, and by different branches of the family, the this one, taken from a Book of Ancient Heraldry, was the one found in use among the Scotch-Irish families. The Steen family crest of Scotland is shown in Fairbairn's "Book of Family Crests of Great Britain and Ireland," edition of 1905, page 525, and is described as "Steen - Scotland, eagle head between two wings"Ad Diem Tendo."Several styles of the Steen Family Crest are identified in the "The Steen Family in Europe and America" by Rev. Moses D. A. Steen, published in 1917.

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